Unison Site Management Easement and Assignment Agreement

Cell Tower Attorney is a law firm that assists landowners who've been approached by Unison Site Management with negotiating the terms and conditions of an Easement and Assignment Agreement. If you are looking for Unison Site Management's website, please visit www.unisonsite.com. Unison Site Management is a registered trademark of Unison Site Management, LLC. Cell Tower Attorney is not affiliated in any way with Unison.

If Unison Site Management has approached you about an Easement and Assignment Agreement, please read this information carefully and then contact Cell Tower Attorney with any questions you have.

The Unison Easement and Assignment is drafted as an easement and assignment in which Unison provides a lump-sum payment to you, the landowner, in exchange for an exclusive easement for the transmission and reception of wireless communication signals as well as the maintenance and operation of towers, antennas and related facilities. In addition, Unison receives a non-exclusive easement for the installation, repair, and maintenance of utilities that provide service to the cell site lease area.

  • Assignment - You, the landowner, assign to Unison your interest in the existing cell site leases on your property, including the rents and other monies received by you. You must agree to continue to comply with the obligations of the existing cell site lease.
  • Use of Easements - Unison has the unrestricted right to lease, transfer, or assign the use of the Easements and/or its rights under the Unison Easement and Assignment Agreement.
  • Term - The term of the Unison Easement and Assignment Agreement varies in length, however, it is typically a minimum of 30 years.
  • Termination - In the event that Unison and the existing cell site tenant on the property cease to use the easements for more than 5 years, the easements are deemed abandoned. Unison may surrender the easements for any reason at any time by giving you 30 days notice, however you, the landowner, are not allowed to terminate the Unison Easement and Assignment Agreement.
  • Cooperation - You must agree to cooperate with Unison in obtaining all necessary licenses and permits required for its use of the easements.
  • Taxes - The Unison Easement and Assignment Agreement provides that you, as the landowner, are responsible for paying all real estate taxes assessed on the property.
  • Indemnity - You and Unison agree to indemnify, defend and hold each other harmless against all costs and claims of liability or loss that results from:
    1. A breach of representation or warranty by either party or
    2. Out of the use of the property and easements by either party. Unison has no liability or obligation to maintain the easement areas.
    3. Out of the acts or omissions of either party.
  • Additional Customers - You will appoint Unison as your attorney-in-fact to negotiate and enter into other cell site leases on your property that may extend beyond the term of the Unison Easement and Assignment Agreement. In fact, all other agreements that Unison enters into shall survive the termination of the Unison Easement and Assignment Agreement. You are prohibited from soliciting the business of any of Unison's cell site tenants and Unison has the right of first refusal to acquire any part of the Property you are transferring for wireless communications purposes on the same terms and conditions currently offered.

Cell Tower Attorney has extensive experience in negotiating the Unison Easement and Assignment Agreement. If a Unison representative has contacted you, call or email us today. We're ready to assist you in negotiating equitable terms and conditions that put reasonable constraints on Unison's ability to utilize your property beyond the original cell site lease. Most importantly, we can protect your legal rights – now and in the future.

If you are looking for information regarding the appropriate lease buyout amount, our related company, Steel in the Air, can assist you in determining a fair market value for a Unison Site Management lease buyout.

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